Nox – Sanguination (yet more original music)

Sanguination , an album I created under my project name of Nox, is presented here complete in it’s entirety. Explore a dark and brooding realm of electronic sonic constructions.

Click either of the images below to listen. (requires a media player such as windows media player, itunes, winamp, etc.)



(All music is original and created by Trenton A. Shuck / Nox / Hive Mind and is ©2009 Nox/Trenton Shuck. Do not use without permission.)



One response to “Nox – Sanguination (yet more original music)

  1. Special Song for you

    When I Fall In Love ….( Nat King Cole)

    When I fall in love
    It will be forever
    Or I’ll never fall in love
    In a restless world like this is
    Love is ended before it’s begun
    And too many moonlight kisses
    Seem to melt in the warmth of the sun
    When I give my heart
    It will be completely
    Or I’ll never give my heart
    And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
    I will give my heart to you.

    Ok…are you like…?

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