A Wondrous Disovery in the Sea of Tranquility

The signals grew stronger as the rover drew near the source. The rugged lunar terrain didn’t impede the vehicle too much and it’s two occupants sped along eager to see what they may find. Wilson and Geddy could now see a rather bright blue glow spreading out from the horizon in front of them. Their eyes grew in amazement and fear and they glanced uncertainly at each other before once again fixing their gazes upon the now visible source of the dazzling blue light. Wilson slowed the rover and brought it to a stop, his eyes never leaving the sight before him, and dazedly climbed out. He was vaguely aware of Geddy doing the same. Both men were transfixed by what lay before them. It was something unexpected and profound. It was something…..wonderous…

This track was published under another project name I thought about using for awhile but didn’t. That project was titled Helios Nexus. I may eventually publish more music like this and use it again, who knows. 🙂

A Wondrous Discovery in the Sea of Tranquility

(All music is original and created by Trenton A. Shuck / Helios Nexus / Hive Mind and is ©2009. Do not use without permission.)


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