Waking up?

The past 10 or so years of my life I have spent most of my time living as a despondent misplaced soul who feels that it just doesn’t fit in this world. I have not worked much, I have lived in a shell and prison that I”ve created for myself and shut myself out from the world basically. I’ve lived off the generosity of others and my family and pretty much not cared about too much. This all started to change when my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. I spent the last 2 years of her life doing almost nothing but caring for her. She took care of me my whole life it was the very least I could do for her. My perspective began to really change and I started to see just what love meant and how those we care about are really the most important.

People are what is important, not money, not these constructs that we’ve built up to make our world. This really hit me while caring for my mom, though I didn’t think too deeply about it at the time. I was more concerned with trying to keep my mother comfortable and happy in her final times. When she passed, I went through a period of numbness that lasted several months. I lost myself in the internet, video games, my computer and pretty much shut off reality. In my journeys on the net, and YouTube and various interesting websites, I started to see an interesting trend. I started seeing more and more people who are disillusioned with our system (which I have been most of my life) and they were wondering why and looking for answers. Then I stumbled upon a film called Zeitgeist. I had heard of it before but had always blown it off as some new wierd conspiracy thing which seems to be very abundant on the internet. I decided to watch it.

What followed over the next few weeks is something I can only describe as “waking up”. I woke up. The wrongness I’d always felt in the world became crystal clear and I was able to see things for how they really are. I saw the constructs of our society and realized it was the very root of it all which was causing so much unhappiness and suffering in this world. Now, waking up isn’t always some mystical, holy, spiritual experience, at least not at first. It’s simply becoming aware of how the world works and seeing that it’s broken. Seeing that the society we are taught to trust, can not be trusted, and that ‘the world’ as society, does not really care about what happens to you. Money is what we gauge our existence by and money has more value than human life. That is not how humanity is meant to be.

We have reached a point in our technological understanding and scientific advancement, that we now have the ability to make sure every single person on this planet has the basics to live and survive. Food, clothing, housing, and community. We have this ability, but it’s not being used! Why? Because of the way our system works. Even though there is an abundance on this planet to take care of all human life on it, the people who have the power and money are not letting it happen and why would they? In a system where money is more important than human life, the suffering of some is profit for others. This has to end. If man wants to grow and evolve and become a truly civilized being, we have to rebuild our world. We have to stop seeing ourselves seperated by bounderies of nations, and beliefs, and begin focusing what we all share in common, and that is we are one species, one race, called humanity living upon the planet Earth.

I have decided it is time to stop sitting around and thinking about this stuff, and time to start doing something about it. I am going to start work with local charities as a volunteer this week, and I am attending a group gathering of other like minded people who want to see a change. I will be posting the progress and my observations and experiences here.

There are some great ideas out there, and there is work all of us can do to help out. If you care at all about the world and the state of our future, now is the time to act. Do not look for blame, because there is no one to blame but ourselves. Blame is pointless and counter productive. Instead, we should be looking at how to go about changing things within the current system and helping to make the lives of those less fortunate better. If we dont’ try, the world that is coming is far darker than any we’ve seen yet. This blog will be focusing on these things. It will be a collection of my thoughts and ideas as I continue to expand my awareness of the events of the world, and how we might be able to change things. If anyone actually reads this, I hope that is inspiring, and if you have any ideas or thoughts you would like to share, feel free to comment. I will be posting more about all of this in the coming weeks.

Peace upon us all. – Trent-


3 responses to “Waking up?

  1. Wow. I haven’t seen the flick but I may watch it now. I grew up in a religious household and have been pondering the bigger picture and the meaning of our existence as long as I can remember. The Bible and other religious texts enlightened me AND tormented me as much as Ayn Rand novels like “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”. I realized “the way things really work”, meaning that those with the money have the power to change the world to suit their wills and agendas while the rest are forced to go along. It sucks, it really does. But, I have quit resisting. My “rebel” days are behind me. I have a family to care for and kids to guide. I now conform. Life is easier FOR ME when I play by the rules and live within the established norms. Good luck on your journey. Keep posting, I’m interested to see how this plays out for you.

    Your friend,


  2. Thanks for reading, Dave! I’m glad you have found some happiness in your life. And don’t worry I will keep posting. 🙂

  3. I’m proud of you! I have always believed that Love is the way. I can only hope that more people will wake up too! I love you my friend!

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