Staying Awake

I stated in my previous serious entry, Waking Up? , that I would be posting my progress and experiences as time went along, this is the first of such posts. As I stated before, waking up wasn’t really a spiritual experience for me, it was more just becoming aware of the systems and how I am connected to them. I did learn soon enough that the ‘spiritual’ part was to follow. You can’t really see how it’s all connected without also seeing the obvious spiritual and metaphysical implications that presents, and that is pretty much what I have been going through and thinking about since my Waking Up post.

Now make no mistake, the idea of spiritual paths and metaphysical ways of thinking are nothing at all new to me. I have always been interested in such things and spent a large amount of my energy and thoughts directed at figuring it all out. My interests have always been not only in the spiritual side of things, but the scientific side as well, especially when it comes to matters concerning Quantum physics, Astro physics, and other various fields. I have always felt that both spiritual / religious paths, and the scientific paths have always been looking for the answers to the same questions, they have just gone about different ways of finding them. I’ve always felt they are somehow connected as well, and that eventually they would converge and the true answers would be found. I believe that time is now, and that we are entering a new age of understanding not only of the physical nature of reality, but also the spiritual nature as well.

How will these two be merged? Well, we are discovering more and more that matter is in fact nothing more than data or information that is altered and determined by energy waves and frequencies and vibrations, and we are also discovering that consciousness itself is really just energy and frequencies of vibration as the two are intrinsically connected. In sub atomic physics, scientists are currently looking for something they call the Higgs Bosun Field or the ‘God Particle’. This is the field or substance, or whatever it is, that gives subatomic particles their mass and function when they are created. In other words, the field or energy that governs the very creation of matter itself. I believe science is about to discover the field, and it is Consciousness itself.

So now you ask, ok so if it’s basically our consciousness that is creating matter and reality, then why can’t I materialize a pizza right in front of me right now just by thinking about it? well because it doesn’t work that way. Since consciousness is a field or energy, that means it’s not just your body or the physical part of’s actually everything else as well, including everyone else out there. Mind boggling? of course it is, but not really. Our physical forms are just like radio receivers and Consciousness is the signal they pick up on. So the reason I can’t manifest a pizza in front of me just like that, is because since my consciousness isn’t really contained completely within my physical form (which is really the only part of me that wants the pizza to begin with), but is in actuality kind of part of everything including everyone else, then it would take the combined belief and power of the rest of the consciousness (myself and everyone else)  to make the manifestation happen. So just the part of consciousness that is currently me, just isn’t enough to make it happen, at least not without picking up the phone and ordering one or going online, etc then waiting 30 minutes for it to be delivered. But now you can start to see how the world we live in is a kind of collective creation we all make happen, and that our thoughts and feelings do indeed play a part in how things play out not only in our own lives, but in the lives of everyone else as well.

So everything we do and feel, affects the world around us. Bad thoughts have bad effects, good thoughts have good effects. Emotions are basically energy also, just different frequency vibrations. It turns out the one emotion that has more power to put all the vibrations into balance, is Love. Shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Every major religion is based around it, and if everything really is connected on such an intimate level, love is the only real way for the connections to be strengthened and the function of the whole thereby increased. So love basically enables us to look beyond the ego driven form of self, and see the connection we share to the whole. We are one organism, one lifeform, one miraculous creation and love is the glue that gives us form and forward momentum.  I think that is what Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, Gandhi, John Lennon, Carl Sagan, and countless others throughout the history of our species have been trying to make us understand all along. We just complicate their words and message with our own ego driven perception of things and usually push ourselves far from the original meaning and intent.  Love is how we bring it all back into line and back into balance. However we find the means to express that love isn’t what is important, it’s the fact that we learn how to, and unconditionally, without judgement, and without expectation.

That’s really all I have to write about in this post, it’s just skimming the surface pretty much and I could literally write an entire book about the ideas I briefly touched on here. But I won’t do that here tonight, err.. this morning. haha

Instead, I will leave you with some interesting links if you find yourself interested in anything I’ve been talking about.

Those are just a few. 🙂 I’ll be back again with more on my continuing journey of life 😀 Until then, Be blessed by light, love and peace!


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