Awakening Within

The World is beginning to awaken to a new way of Being. The changes and turmoil we are starting to see are a direct result of a restless consciousness ready to emerge into a new way of thinking and experiencing reality. It is time to hear the alarm bells ringing in our heads and Wake Up!

Tomorrow is Now and the future is Ours!

It is time to stop focusing on the ‘me’ and focus on the ‘We’. We are One family, One world, One species, One People! The World belongs to all of us, not just a few who think they deserve to have it all. We are the Power! The Power is us and those who currently have it know that! Wake Up and throw off the yoke they have placed upon your mind! Wake Up and stop feeding them power! Take the power back for yourself and back for the World to which it belongs! You are a sovereign state unto yourself as well as a state unto the greater nation of the whole! We are all One!

We are the World! We are each other! We are Love!

Be Hope, Be light, Be Love and Shine into the Now to illuminate the future!


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