A Place of Love?

The Place of Love?

There is a place, where dwelleth Love.
Not far below, nor far above.
Not in a temple, not in a church,
not anywhere outside that we may search.
So I may ask, where is this place?
Is it another dimension? Is it outer space?
Is it a God from Kolob? A God from Mars?
A God from the Bible or Beyond the Stars?
Where is this place of Love you speak?
Below the sea? On a moutain’s peak?
Some long lost world that in doom will return?
An age of ice that will freeze or fire that will burn?
Please won’t you tell me? Is this place really so?
Where is this place of Love, I must know!
I’ve looked underneath, and I’ve looked above,
I’ve looked everywhere for this place called Love.
I’d looked everywhere, or so I suspected.
But there was one place, I had not inspected.
I laughed as I realized where this place must be.
I had searched all creation, how silly of me!
So at the end, I am where I begin,
And I sit in the calm, and I look within.
Within the still and between the song,
I see it shining, where it’s been all along.

-TAS May 27, 2011-


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