5/16/2013 – Inane and Irrelevant

From my new personal blog, Chronicles of an Intelligent Moron,

5/16/2013 – Inane and Irrelevant.

Sometimes just putting down what you think is all that you can do. I could try to be witty, or poetic, or a storyteller, but tonight it’s just not there…so here I am, blathering on and making nothing into something. I suppose that alone makes it a sort of act of creation, no matter how inane and irrelevant it might be. But then, who am I to judge what is irrelevant. For all I know, the Universe is compelling me to type these words and the very act of typing them is putting some great balance into order. It’s nice to think so I guess. On some strange extra-cosmic level, I could just be the savior of the Universe.

Trenton A Shuck


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