You have discovered the blog of a middle aged male geek who spends too much time on the web. Here you will find some of the things I enjoy doing on my computer, the net, and maybe sometimes irl (in real life).

Real life, I am 44, single, not available, and online I perfer to stay rather private about things in my real life. For me the internet is an escape, a stress relief, and a way for me to interact comfortably with others from all over the world.

Some of the things I like to do are creating digital music, digital graphics and textures, and dabbling in writing. I decided to focus this blog on those things. So that being said, you can expect to see some of my original visuals, hear some of my original electronic sonic oddities, or read some of my bizarre poetry.

Real name: Trent Shuck



Trent Shuck

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