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Beyond the Ancient Future – Prologue – Exsuscito

Beyond the Ancient Future
by Trenton A Shuck

Prologue: Exsuscito

First, there was awareness. Awareness of the vast deep dark and the complete cold which enveloped this re-emerging sentient. Slowly, if time were something which affected something such as it, it began to awaken. The deep dark and cold, though oppressive in their ancient way, were of no cause of discomfort to the growing thought which was manifesting within the folds and cells between the atoms and molecules which made up this portion of reality. The spaces where nothing yet everything exists were even now beginning to warm with the pulse of power which were the sentients tendrils of idea beginning to unfurl into existence. This awareness was more a sense of the loneliness that accompanies awakenings such as this, at first anyway. The feeling (if that’s what it could be called), that briefly flashes through consciousness as it slips from a place of timelessness, into a realm of time and physical reality. It is the echo of the seclusion and isolation the Source of All has locked upon this part of infinity in order to create time itself. All beings which exist here have a sense of it in some way. It is the place of learning.

Long had it slumbered and long had it slept, lost in it’s ancient dreams and distant memories. Traversing the dimensions of reality and the spaces beyond time, in it’s communion with the Source. For a long age, more than a million years in our concept of the term, it had been content to contemplate nothing but itself. To reflect upon all that it had experienced, all that it had learned, and all that it had caused to happen and to be.

It had learned the secrets of creation, and of life itself. It had explored worlds beyond possibility, and met other forms of sentient awareness both physical and invisible. It had experienced pain and pleasure, life and death, and all of the realms and dimensions beyond and between. It had seen the darkest of shadows, and the brightest of lights and all the spectrum of emotion and sensation, and all the possibilities for existence within time and beyond time. It had heard and sung the songs of stars, and experienced infinity itself. But at the end of it’s journey through time and space, and it’s quest for understanding of the universe, it had come back into itself, alone, and cold in the dark eternal night of the spaces in between with one question still unanswered, one riddle that had not yet been solved, one mystery that continued to elude it’s grasp of understanding as much now as it had in the eons of it’s existence.

As that thought, that question, began to once again reform itself through the vast awareness which was again awakened, It began to remember not only the question, but also it’s own existence. With that came the understanding that though all there was to know had been known, and all that could be experienced had been experienced, something had been lost along the way. Other thoughts began to flow within it’s mind, colliding in universes of energy as the awakening ignited the atoms which were becoming it’s form.

These thoughts began to coalesce bringing the being back into the realm of time and physical reality. Where there had been darkness, was now light. Where there had been absolute cold was now warmth and life. The light of energy, and of it’s awareness, and of life after a fashion, as the cold began to melt around it and reality seemed to refold around itself. The need to answer the question, gave it purpose once again. A drive that consumed it as much as the life which now burned within the construct of light and energy the being had chosen to manifest within.

It had been more than a million years since it had needed a substantial form, but to interact with the physical part of the universe, the form was needed. To enact change, and set about a cycle of time in a measurable way, it was necessary. So it was that it’s awakening had come to be. And so it was that the idea of the questions were birthed in form into this world, from a sleep of nothing and everything, in a place without time.

The void was gone and the being was now suspended like a jewel of light within the brightness and color of a nebula. It was the remnant of a long dead star, now the birth place of many new stars. If one were to witness it, the Being would seem like nothing more than another very young and very hot star nursing upon the surrounding gases and cosmic nutrients. This place, the being knew, was important somehow. It stretched it’s awareness into it’s past, into it’s memories, and a picture began to form within. It was the star before it had died. The star which had created this nebula in it’s death. A star which had been known by the name of Sol to the ancient earthers. But it was not the star which the ancient awareness was drawn to in it’s vast and timeless memory. It was a world which had been in the orbit of this star. A world that had been called Earth.

The being knew that what it had lost had something to do with this place, and more importantly, the race of beings which had grown and evolved from it. It was aware that in some way it’s own existence was connected, but it did not remember how or why. This new question, which it had once known the answer to, seemed to make it’s need for understanding all the more intense. It knew it would need to once again come into the presence of the others, but it was not yet ready to do so.

First, it must re acclimate itself to this dimension and pull all the parts of itself fully back into itself. It knew that for the coming eon, it would need it’s full power and all it’s aspect of possibilities to be present. It was time to answer the final questions. And it knew it could not do it alone. It would have to present itself once again, to the others. Only they could aid in what was to come. It never crossed it’s mind that what it was about to do, had ever only been done once in all the ages of the unfolding of infinity, and that nothing would ever be the same again.

( ©2011 by Trenton A Shuck. All rights reserved. Do not copy or use without permission.)

A Place of Love?

The Place of Love?

There is a place, where dwelleth Love.
Not far below, nor far above.
Not in a temple, not in a church,
not anywhere outside that we may search.
So I may ask, where is this place?
Is it another dimension? Is it outer space?
Is it a God from Kolob? A God from Mars?
A God from the Bible or Beyond the Stars?
Where is this place of Love you speak?
Below the sea? On a moutain’s peak?
Some long lost world that in doom will return?
An age of ice that will freeze or fire that will burn?
Please won’t you tell me? Is this place really so?
Where is this place of Love, I must know!
I’ve looked underneath, and I’ve looked above,
I’ve looked everywhere for this place called Love.
I’d looked everywhere, or so I suspected.
But there was one place, I had not inspected.
I laughed as I realized where this place must be.
I had searched all creation, how silly of me!
So at the end, I am where I begin,
And I sit in the calm, and I look within.
Within the still and between the song,
I see it shining, where it’s been all along.

-TAS May 27, 2011-

Awakening Within

The World is beginning to awaken to a new way of Being. The changes and turmoil we are starting to see are a direct result of a restless consciousness ready to emerge into a new way of thinking and experiencing reality. It is time to hear the alarm bells ringing in our heads and Wake Up!

Tomorrow is Now and the future is Ours!

It is time to stop focusing on the ‘me’ and focus on the ‘We’. We are One family, One world, One species, One People! The World belongs to all of us, not just a few who think they deserve to have it all. We are the Power! The Power is us and those who currently have it know that! Wake Up and throw off the yoke they have placed upon your mind! Wake Up and stop feeding them power! Take the power back for yourself and back for the World to which it belongs! You are a sovereign state unto yourself as well as a state unto the greater nation of the whole! We are all One!

We are the World! We are each other! We are Love!

Be Hope, Be light, Be Love and Shine into the Now to illuminate the future!